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MRE Services are approved by Alde UK, this means we can carry out work on your Alde caravan or motorhome heating system without invalidating your warranty.

Alde heating systems in the UK come with a 50/50 mix of water and ethylene glycol antifreeze mix.

Normally (but not all) the system is filled with antifreeze that has a two year life, as such the system should be drained and refilled with the correct fluid mix biannually to carry on protecting your heating system. This can be carried out by us, BUT we refill your heating system with 5 year antifreeze, this makes the drain down and refill more economical for you.

We have been told that for 2020 caravans and motorhomes (UK main manufactures) that they will be using 5 year antifreeze as standard.

Long life antifreeze is available and this will protect your Alde heating for up to 5 years and can be used when filling after a drain down.

We use Comma GG40 as recommended by Alde, please check when looking for prices what the company is using and how they dispose of the used antifreeze, there are very very cheap alternatives like Triple QX, that Alde don’t endorse as they do not Conform to VWAG specification TL-774-J, this spec antifreeze is also more environmentally friendly, we can prove how we dispose of used antifreeze, can the person you trust with your pride and joy say the same?

It is important not to mix the long life 5 year and 2 year antifreeze in your heating system, or Silicate and non-Silicate antifreeze.

MRE Services has the ALDE service pump, this will enable us to refill your heating system or bleed it with ease and without the need of lengthy bleeding, as the pump forces the fluid round the system to expel the air.

Does your Alde heating system not get hot all the way round, or not heat up at all? The chances are your Alde system has an air lock, we can cure this with the Alde Service pump.

A newly filled Alde system will normally require topping up after it is used, as some small air bubbles can remain in the system, this is normal and should clear by itself

Drain Down and Refill (5 Year Long Life Antifreeze)    £175.00 + VAT including environmental disposal.

Unfortunately we are unable to cover Alde marine installations due not having marine insurance cover.

Alde UK have a very useful Questions and Answers page that can be found here Alde Question and Answer page

For more help please contact Martin via his Contact page

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